About Us

About Us

The key objective of the Moose Power project is to provide services in the field of adult physical performance and mental strength development. To achieve this, we employ systematic sports programs that teach and motivate people to start training regularly and coherently, preferably outdoors, in nature. Our programs are based on physiotherapy, kinesiology, sports training, nutritional guidance and we draw inspiration from the Norwegian Olympic Committee (Olympiatoppen) and its recommendations for so-called basic and specific functional training.

We help people who fell off the track to achieve their optimal physical fitness condition. We work with advanced and performance athletes towards participation in races and competitions and towards better results.


University education
in the fields of sports
training, physiology
and nutrition


Detailed assessment
of your level of fitness,
guidance, your
comfortable experience


10+ years of practice,
competitions, knowledge
of international


We know how to listen,
how to empathise,
and how to achieve
set goals

Our Team

People who are not afraid not to play by the book and who deliver results

Fair Play

Trust, integrity,
and compliance
with both spoken
and unspoken rules

Ondřej Matlach

Project originator

Holder of a master’s degree from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University in Prague, majoring in football training, with extended studies completed at the University of Coimbra. Additionally, he is a licensed swimming and skiing teacher and sports masseur.

Ondřej Matlach carried out a comparative study of children’s football training programs in the Czech Republic and chosen foreign countries, and he worked as a coach in top-level sports club and profit organisations. After 5 years of practice in this field, he decided to focus his studies and experience on Norway. Working for 5 years in Norwegian private and public sectors equipped him with a thorough knowledge of Norway’s culture, language and traditions, which inspired his following work.

He is an active cross-country skier and swimmer, and he practices functional training. His roles when it comes to performance races range from an organizer or a coach to a competing racer.

Key employers:
Beitostølen Helsesportsenter, Beitostølen, Norway
Valdres vidaregåande skule, Leira, Norway
SK Slavia Praha – fotbal a.s.

Race starts:
Gigathlon CZ
Skarverennet – Geilo
MVGS – Stavanger
Beitosprinten – Beitostølen
Fjellmaraton – Beitostølen

Individual Clients

Coached Groups

Partner Companies

Race Starts

Our Team

Tomáš Vávra
Tomáš Vávra
Fitness Coach
An alumnus of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague. He is a level III triathlon coach, currently completing the II level coaching certification (Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, Charles University in Prague). Former goalie playing for the FC Vysočina Jihlava and Admira Praha (division). Since 2004, he starts at the Czech Triathlon and Duathlon National Championship (both long-distance and short-distance), ranking among the TOP 10. He participates in the Czech duathlon series, trail runs and road runs, MTB and road bike marathons, aquathlon, etc. Leading by an example, Tomáš Vávra will help you find a balance between a sport performed on any level and your everyday life and challenging job. He is an expert on triathlon (and its individual disciplines) training plans, with focus on long- and medium-distance runs
Petr Kříž
Petr Kříž
He studied physiotherapy at the First and the Second Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Prague, recently completing his PhD in kinanthropology at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Charles University in Prague, as part of the Philosophy of the Body study programme. In 2017, Petr Kříž undertook a practical internship at the NSSS (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences) in Oslo. The framework of his therapy is based on the Bobath concept with elements from various other approaches – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) by Pavel Kolář, Sensomotorics by Janda, the Feldenkrais method, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation by Kabat, etc. In his practice, he deals with more complicated neurological cases, nevertheless he finds working with athletes very rewarding, since often a small therapeutic impulse can suffice to achieve great results and develop real talents.
Lukáš Vrána
Lukáš Vrána
Nutritional Expert
An alumnus of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Brno University of Technology. His profession became a nutrition and supplementation advisory, which he has been working for 12 years. His interest in nutrition came during his own sports career. He has gained experience as a nutrition advisor for top athletes and some Olympians (athletics, football, hockey, freediving) and has been working with Marian Jelínek. At present, he is mainly engaged in training of new consultants, he runs his own nutrition counselling courses with accreditation of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and develops supplements. As part of our project, he provides personal or online consultations, analysis of body composition, diet regimes and supplementation based on the health condition, performance and personal wishes of clients.


Ondřej is experienced, creative, reliable, flexible, generous and positive man, who is very easy to work with. As a teacher of sports programs at our school, he fulfilled his duties remarkably and ensured a high-quality education for students. His relationships with students, colleagues and school management were filled with mutual respect and trust. I had the pleasure to be his supervisor and as such, I would highly recommend working with Ondřej to potential new business partners.

Gunnar Slaatto Sports Section Manager Valdres vidaregåande skule, Norway

BHSS is a provider of rehabilitation services for children, youth and adults diagnosed with various issues, disabilities and functional levels. We combine the use of applied physical activity and medical, educational and social supervision and observation. Ondřej has been working at the centre for almost 4 years as an activity leader for all patient groups. He is more than competent when it comes to physical activities as well as organization and he is able to work with people of every age group and with every possible life background.

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