Cross-Country Skiing Race in Norway

We invite you to come on a 6-day trip to the very heart of Norway and to participate in the popular cross-country race Skarverennet.
Date of the event: 23 April – 28 April 2019. Come to the skier’s paradise!

Submit your application by the end of February 2019.

What is Skarverennet?

“The most exciting event of the spring” has been held since 1974. The race begins in Finse/Haugastøl, runs through the national park along the mountain range called Hallingskarvet (central Norway), and finishes in Ustaoset. Racers of all categories may participate! The race involves classic and skating styles and you may choose a 17km, 25km or 37km long course. The hobby category sees around 10 thousand recreational cross-country enthusiasts every year and there are more than a thousand racers in the racing category, including the Norwegian national team.

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What Do You Get if You Buy This Adventure?

We take care of the complete organisation of the whole experience

You will participate in a training session with professional coaching

You will experience the clean natural beauty of a Norwegian national park

You will have the opportunity to purchase top ski gear at post-season prices

You will have a first-hand experience of the great Norwegian tradition

You will stand at the start line next to the Norwegian national team:)

Race Information

Please find more details at

Video – Course and Track Profile

Schedule and Prices

  • Tuesday 23 April – departure from Prague to Oslo, shuttle transfer to Geilo (approx. 220 km north-west from Oslo)
  • Wednesday 24 April – Thursday 25 April – training/hiking/slopes, fun time
  • Friday 26 April – shopping/relaxing/getting ready for the race
  • Saturday 27 April – race, party
  • Sunday 28 April – transfer to Oslo and flight to Prague

Submit your application LATEST by the end of February 2019. Official registration to the race begins on 15th October.
We recommend you to register as soon as possible!

Hobby Level

  • Flight – return ticket Prague-Oslo
  • Czech, English and Norwegian speaking guide
  • Transfer to the destination
  • Accommodation for 5 nights
  • Program – training and hiking
  • Starting fee – Hobby
  • 22 500 czk
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Race Level

  • Flight – return ticket Prague-Oslo
  • Czech, English and Norwegian speaking guide
  • Transfer to the destination
  • Accommodation for 5 nights
  • Program – training and hiking
  • Starting fee – Race
  • 23 500 czk
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It was a completely unique feeling, to find myself in the heart of beautiful Norwegian nature, on a perfectly groomed track, surrounded by thousands of people with a shared cause. What more could you want? I appreciated the excellent organization, quick transfers to and from the destination, as well as the services of the guide. I would recommend this experience from the bottom of my heart:)



Instructions and requirements

First of all, you need to submit your application ASAP, as the race is in high demand and the accommodation and race capacity is limited! Early submiting can decrease the total price of the adventure. Go through your skiing gear and equipment and make a list of things you need to get, if needed. You may buy the gear there, and for very good prices, but shopping requires some time. We recommend that you focus on regular physical training, however, if you care more about your participation than your ranking, you will be fine regardless. It goes without saying that you are not a complete beginner. Additionally, you will need travel insurance and important personal necessities, such as medications etc. Waxing services are available in sports shops or directly at the place of accommodation. We will provide the waxing equipment, if needed. Just bring your own ski wax.

Do I have to participate in the race?

If you would prefer to enjoy the slopes or engage in other activities, no problem. This should be arranged in advance, since the start fee is paid individually for each person and it is non-refundable.

What happens on race day?
Insurance and disclaimers