Functional Training

Functional Training

This training is intended to create the best possible preconditions for the development of basic and specific skills, qualities, and characteristics for the sport and activity in question. Our program supports long-term performance development and injury prevention.

Why Join Us?

Systematic Program

Basic Training

Specific Functional

How Does the Program Work?

  1. consultations
  2. initial tests
  3. set-up of the 15-lesson program
  4. regular training sessions twice a week (substitutions allowed)
  5. selection of suitable workout equipment
  6. possibility of follow-up training sessions and consultations


For our workouts, natural parks with varied terrain and good accessibility are our go-to.

SK Hradčany - Prague 6

A spacious gym equipped for artistic gymnastics, with exercise and weight-lifting areas that are well suited for a varied workout.Ongoing lessons:Sundays 11.15am – 12.30pm
Future sessions by agreement.

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T.J. Sokol Břevnov - Prague 6
Well-equipped exercise rooms, large and small, allowing for privacy.
Sessions by agreement.

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Ladronka Park - Prague 6
Sports and recreation area with nice grass and a workout park for bodyweight training. Good parking spots, refreshment and sanitary facilities.
Meeting Point: in front of the Restaurant Usedlost Ladronka
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Obora Hvězda - Prague 6
Forest park and protected natural monument, offering low inclination terrain, grass and gravel surfaces, and a number of forest trails. Good parking. The old forest presents a perfect workout environment and ensures excellent air quality.Meeting Point: Children’s Traffic Park, Na Vypichu Street
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Your favorite spot

If you do not meet our locations, we will arrive at your chosen location in Prague and nearby surroundings.

Write us.

Price List of Individual Services

individual training 60 min 750 czk
individual training for couples 60 min 1100 czk
online training 60 min 550 czk
recondition session with physiotherapist 60 min 750 czk
nutritional guidance and body composition analysis 90 min + 4x15min* 2490 czk
preparation and guidance of a long-term plan 5 hrs 2950 czk
video analysis of technique 60 min 750 czk
laboratory test of lactate curve 60 min 1800 czk
commuting around Prague over 20 min 200 czk

*The service includes consultation, body composition analysis on InBody 270, 4x body composition recheck (every 1 or 2 weeks),
nutritional supplement project (up to 90 variants), or suggestion of suitable supplementation.

By purchasing a discounted program, you will save up to 15% of the price of services.

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Trial Lesson Free of Charge

Scared of buying a “moose in a poke”? We understand, that is why we are offering a trial session free of charge, no obligation:)


What do I need for the workout?

You will need a regular exercise mat for outdoor workouts. The obvious necessity is to find the time – 2 times a week, plus you need suitable shoes and clothing depending on the weather, and a full water bottle. We provide the rest of the equipment.

What if I am dealing with a health issue?
The workout plan is always based on the results of the initial examinations, measurements, and consultations. Our objective is to minimise the risk of injury and to plan the lessons with the focus on the improvement of the weakest parts of your body. The coach will always be there to guide you and to adjust the plan
accordingly, if needed.

Are the examinations and consultations included in the total number of sessions or not?

When buying the program, you get 15 workout sessions (plus the possibility of 1 more trial session free of charge). All initial examinations, consultations, and nutritional guidance take place in addition to these sessions.